I grew up in the tiny village of Oxhill in Warwickshire, England. I've had a burning passion to play piano and sing for as long as I can remember. Through high school I took my graded exams on piano and drums as a study, but, my evenings would be filled with writing and composing music, with the aid of the ever changing technological developments that help songwriters and composers with their creative ideas.


My job has given me some great experiences. I've been lucky enough to play both original gigs and my covers sets in some really cool places. My friends in Nashville are always a favourite 'go to' for me for both recording and playing my own material. I've also played a mix of material in Poland, Austria, Spain and Switzerland on various types of bookings and, of course, the UK. I'm always looking out for the next adventure in music!


As a solo artist, the majority of my live work is the afternoon wedding reception sessions, which is perfect for my style. As well as private bookings, I also play a number of public cover song dates at various venues around The Cotswolds area. My days are filled with writing songs for a variety of uses, coaching and recording vocals with some lovely clients and popping out for coffee breaks with our two Springer Spaniels.